DORIS Engenharia Ltda has put in place, as a management tool, a Quality Management System in accordance with the NBR ISO 9001:2015 Standard. DORIS Engenharia Ltda is committed to implementing this System and to continuous improving the effectiveness of the System.

DORIS Engenharia Ltda provides Design Engineering, Management and Technical Assistance to the International Oil & Gas Industries. As an independent Company, DORIS Engenharia Ltda is committed to deliver the best solutions to its Clients, in order to enable faster developments in a cost driven market, assuring the compliance with all applicable requirements.

The Executive Management is responsible for defining this Quality Policy, the Quality objectives, the associated key processes and their key performance indicators, as well as the actions required not only to manage their risks & opportunities, but also to improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System.

The process owners will monitor their processes and will provide inputs to the Quality Management Reviews in order to ensure that the quality requirements are accomplishment and to continuously improve the efficiency and the relevance of the Quality Management System.

All employees working at DORIS Engenharia Ltda are required to ensure awareness of the Quality Management System and the applicable process requirements that are appropriated to their work and shall report any situation having an adverse effect on this Quality Policy.