Reporting Channel

Incident Report

In this space, you can report the complaint and occurrence of acts that contravene the values ​​and code of ethics of the organization or are in disagreement with the legislation in force.

All reported incidents will be forwarded for verification by the Ethics Committee. The information reported will be treated confidentially, and the identification of the complainant is optional.

By registering an incident, the complainant agrees to the terms set out above. A protocol number will be generated to track incident handling.

Doris Engenharia also has a dedicated channel for questions, requests, critiques or compliments through our CONTACT US.

Some points must be observed during the preparation of the incident report:

  • Describe the situation with maximum details;
  • Report the names of the people involved;
  • Report periodicity (if it happened, happens or can happen);
  • Inform if you have evidence, and where we can find them.

Doris Engenharia thanks you for your contribution and confidence.

To follow up on the incident, leave a contact email.

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