HSE Policy

It is the policy of DEL to ensure that safety, health and environmental requirements are planned and executed within the DEL organization and form an integral part of the DEL total QHSE program.

The HSE objectives are:

  • Prevention of risks to human life and health; human resources are the most important assets in connection with DEL’s activities;
  • Pollution Prevention and Preservation of environment;
  • Reduction in lost time, damage to property, production loss and inefficiency.

This HSE policy is implemented and controlled through the implementation and continuous improvement of the HSE management system documented by the HSE Manual and associated procedures and instructions.

The HSE Management System concerns both:

  • Safety and Health of DEL personnel in its premises, including systematic improvement of working conditions;
  • Safety engineering based on prevention of hazards and risks to people, environment and property, in the course of designing structures, facilities and equipment or performing construction and installation work.

Services and products provided by DEL, shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, codes, standards and all contractual requirements and specifications.

HSE is a line responsibility in the DEL organization. Each Project Manager is responsible for implementation and control of HSE requirements in work execution.

All employees are responsible to ensure HSE requirements within their own work, and they are required to make every effort to prevent injury and risks to themselves, other employees, equipment, products and environment. All condition considered to have adverse effect on safety, health and environment shall be reported and corrected in a systematic manner.

DEL management demonstrates its commitment to HSE by developing a safety culture in the company throughout the strict compliance with safety requirements at work, training, communication and feedback from employees.